City_Hall_62-63First United Methodist of Watauga was founded 50 years ago when 7 people met in the local city hall. There was a dream to build a faith community based on the love of God in Jesus Christ. The Methodist Men of Richland Hills Methodist Church committed to these 7 and Watauga Methodist was conceived. Since that time it has been our mission and ministry to make a difference in the name of God, in our families and in the world. We do this in worship, study, and outreach. In worship, we have two services on Sunday mornings and special services throughout the year. Our 8 am service is a traditional style service and meets in our chapel. Our 10:30 am service largely toward a traditional style. We are in the process of planning a Wednesday night contemporary worship service. In study, we have Sunday school classes for all ages and a nursery that is available for both Sunday School and the 10:30 worship service. We also have periodic small group studies meeting in homes and at the church. We have outreach emphasis throughout the year, local missions, mission trips, Vacation Bible school, and Trunk or Treat. In local missions, we serve food to a Ft Worth homeless shelter, we partner in a Watauga community wide back to school outreach for low income families, and we partner with First Baptist Church in a special Christmas outreach providing food and gifts to low income families. In addition, we support a local bread ministry and a voucher program for food and gas for walk-ins. Our Youth participate in the Central Texas Conference Youth-in-Mission program and last year, traveled to Missouri and Paris, Texas. We have 4 people going to Belize this year to help in building a new high

As United Methodists, we profess and teach that salvation is the gift of God from the work of Jesus Christ on the cross. Our role in receiving this gift is to say “yes” to the work of Christ and receive our personal relationship with God that Christ offers. Salvation is a process of grace that works in us our whole life long, even when we are unaware. We are saved by grace through faith. God loves us enough to accept us right where we are in life (no matter where we’ve been and what we’ve done) and loves us too much to leave us there. The gift of salvation is one of wholeness and healing leading to eternal life in the love of God. It is a gift that restores us to the wonderful nature in which God created, Love. A key aspect of our role in receiving the gift of salvation is repentance. As the father of Methodism, John Wesley professed that there are two kinds of repentances in the process of God’s salvation plan for us. First, when we repent of our sin and say “yes” to Jesus we are justified before God. In this, we stand before God, in relationship with God. This kind of repentance is one that is driven by our sense of guilt. We cannot save ourselves from the consequences of our wrongdoings or the world’s inflictions upon us. But God can save us, and has provided the means to do so through the work of Jesus Christ. When we repent of the sin that still remains in our heart even after saying “yes” to the work of Christ, it is a sense we gain from the Holy Spirit that we are falling short of God’s intention for our healing. After we have said “yes” to the work of Christ, God sends the Holy Spirit into our lives to quicken our salvation. In this repentance, we say “yes” to the means of grace God offers and we become sanctified by God. We purposely commit to the work of God changing us grace upon grace toward the likeness of Jesus in mind and spirit. These means of grace include worship, study of scripture, partaking in Holy Communion, participating in the Body of Christ, and serving the needs of others as Christ’s hands and feet in this life.Fumc 2000

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