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God Cares!


Mark 6:34

“As he went ashore, he saw a great crowd; and he had compassion for them, because they were like sheep without a shepherd; and he began to teach them many things.”

I think thing for sure. People want to hear the good news of God in Jesus Christ. People want to see the face of God. That is a face of compassion, mercy, and steadfast love. I believe underneath the crust the world layers upon each person, is a heart that is seeking God.

I didn’t use to feel so convicted. The focus of our world is on material existence. Each person is busy and about getting what we can get. So what’s changed in me?

When Revive Texas came here last spring, I was introduced to the idea of asking perfect strangers how I might pray for them. I would ask, “Is there something I can pray for you today?” I have found that most of the time, someone is touched that I asked. And most of the time, I get a specific need to pray for. I pray right on the spot. I know that I am like the seed thrower in Matthew 13. I probably will never see the results. Yet my faith has grown. And my understanding that God is searching the hearts of all people.

So it really comes down to this. God cares! Compassion simply means caring. Throughout scripture, Old Testament and New is the testimony that God cares. God is compassion. In Exodus 34, Moses receives the description of God from God himself…or herself. God walked by, “The Lord! The Lord! A God who is compassionate and merciful, very patient, full of great loyalty and faithfulness,” (Exodus 34:6). In numerous places in the gospels, we see that Jesus had compassion on the people.

Last month I asked you to pray for God to give the Holy Spirit to everyone at FUMCOW. I also asked you to pray for God to make FUMCOW financially healthy to God’s glory.


HERE IS YOUR HOMEWORK! Continue these prayers. AND, Let us together pray for our neighbors. Ask a perfect stranger what you may pray for them.


As we show compassion we will see the face of God. In our recent sermon series we heard the story of Jacob. Jacob’s brother showed compassion. And Jacob said, “Seeing your face Esau, is like seeing the face of God.” May we be the face of God for others!



Pastor Mike

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