Sunday School Classes - 9:15 a.m.

What is Sunday School all about? It’s about discovering how spirituality is relevant in your life—how it fits into every day and shows up in everything you love to do. It’s an environment where you feel totally supported. You can ask the hardest questions with your peers and teacher as you’re figuring out how to apply spiritual truths to your own experiences. It’s a chance to look together for meaningful answers to the stuff that comes up in your lives.  And it's open to anyone.





Meets in the nursery - Our preschool class is full of hands-on, engaging activities and curriculum that is teaches through stories, music, dvd, crafts and play. These kids are on-the-go and this class nurtures their curiosity and provides a foundation for knowing what it means to be a child of God. Children 2-Pre-K are welcome.



k-5th grade Sunday school

Grades K-5

Room 109 - We began with the story of creation from Genesis 1. Using the Bible as our curriculum, we continue each week to study God's word. We are discovering the unchanging truths that God has a plan for each and every person; His love for us is never changing; and we can each use our talents and strengths to serve His will and share His love. Lessons are reinforced through crafts, games, music and more. We hope you will join us.



Youth Class


Meet in Room 110 - The Bible story is the guide for us to learn the Bible. It brings all the highlights in story form and includes historical facts as well as a video for each lesson. We would love for anyone 6th grade and up to join us each Sunday at 9:15am in the last classroom on the right of the hall.



Bible study of the 39 books of the old testament

The 39ers

Meet in Room 106 - The 39er's Sunday School Class (The Young of Heart Sunday School Class) invites you to join us next Sunday, teens to seasoned citizens are welcome. We are currently studying the book of Acts, a study by Charles C. Williamson. No matter how many times you have read Acts or if you have never read Acts, we all are learning new thoughts and information. Class discussion is lively, vibrant, and enthusiastic as we discuss The Good News of Jesus Christ.



Are you here? Come join us!


Meets in Room 108 - We gather about 9:15 for fellowship and snacks and then begin class at 9:30. We have studied a variety of subjects such as Old and New Testament books, the lives of the Apostles, many Adam Hamilton studies and now we are doing a comparative religion study. The class is very informal. If you are running late, come on in; if you have to leave early for choir or to usher or be a greeter, that is fine. Please come and spend some time with us. We look forward to seeing you.



Foundations of Life

Meets in Room 107 - Gene Fondren is leading the class Bible Junkies

We are hooked on the scriptures and the history of the Bible.  We seek through the past to try and find its usage in the present and the future. 

We just finished the Book of Daniel.  What are you going to be studying next you may ask, I did.  I asked my class what they wanted to cover next.  I was a little surprised at their decision.  They decided step outside of the generally accepted Canon. 

The books of the Bible recognized as having authority as Scripture and as being accepted for use. The word canon comes from the Greek word meaning ruler or measuring rod. Thus, books accepted as Scripture are considered canonical, a demand that they meet the measure or standard. The list of books acceptable as Jewish scripture (those books Christians have come to call the Old Testament) was established by Jewish rabbis before the time of Jesus. This is the list most Protestants accept and use today. The list of New Testament books stabilized within the first three centuries of the Christian church.

Certain Bibles have a group of books not accepted by most protestant churches in between the New and the Old Testaments, called the Apocryphal or deuterocanonical books.  Martin Luther said, "Apocrypha: these are books which are not held equal to the Sacred Scriptures and yet are useful and good for reading". I agree it makes it makes good reading.  We will be reading a chapter per week and answers to questions over each chapter.

Apochrypha – Hidden Books – come find out what lurks in these hidden books.

 We meet in the first classroom on the left of the education hall.



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